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Employer Of Choice

We pride ourselves on being the #1 employer of choice among Canadian real-time closed captioners. With very low turnover, great support systems, open door policies, encouragement with sharing information and changes, and most importantly help with technical questions or professional queries. Why would you not choose us?


Our day runs from 5am to 5am EST. This allows us to be able to offer flexible schedules. Full-time captioners within an 8 to 9 hour time frame can average 4.5 to 5.5 hours. Captioners can work up to 6 days per week (approximately 30 hours per week) if they wish, although the typical fulltime work week is typically 5 days (25 hours) per week.

Work Life Balance

We offer very flexible schedule choices that can accommodate your personal circumstances. All our steno-captioners work from home studios, which provides a great work/life balance and continued quality of life. Our voicewriters work at our offices and prescheduled rotating shifts allow them to work around personal and work committments.

Quality Assurance

In addition to regular quality assurance audits and reviews, we have a training and mentoring system in place that helps our captioners work on their accuracy and strive for perfection. We assign mentors to our captioners-in-training to ensure they get the guidance they need to help them growth within our company.

Team Oriented

We bring all captioners together once a year for open dialogue, professional development, and team building. We know that communication and a culture of support encourages captioners to grow, develop and feel like they are part of a community, even if they work in isolation.

Support Community

We have a stable management and administrative infrastructure that allows our company to grow without compromising our level of service. You can feel confident knowing that when you need support, someone will be able to provide the guidance you need, day or night.

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